Want to see a trooper cry?
Would you like to see him bury his face in his hands, bawl like a baby, And slam his fist into the side of his patrol car? It's easy to do.

Start by refusing to listen to your wife when she suggests that she drive. Don't be a whimp. Assert yourself. Say, "Aw heck, I can drive with a few beers under my belt better than you can cold sober."

Twenty minutes later you are standing in the dark on the side of the highway with broken glass and spilled gasoline around. 

Your wife is screaming, pinned beneath the jagged edges of twisted metal. Your two year old daughter is silent. Your six year old son is sprawled face down 30 feet away.

The Trooper smells the alcohol on your breath when you try to explain, and he's not gentle as he pushes you into the patrol car and tells you to shut up. Then he turns his attention to what's left of your family and your car.

You've made a Trooper cry.

Author Unknown


Campaign Against Drunk Driving Fight Drunk Driving - Sandy Golden

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