To see a woman sit and cry;
Makes me feel like I want to die,
To see a woman so full of sorrow and pain;
Will always drive me insane.
I can't see treating a woman, cruel and mean;
A couple is supposed to be a team
If you're there for her, she'll be there for you;
Always remember that she has feelings too.
Treat a woman with tenderness and love;
She's not there for you to push and shove,
She's there to fill your life with joy;
Not a burden or some kind of toy.
Treat her with respect and most of all trust;
For a lifetime relationship, this is a must,
Instead of hitting, shouting and making her blue;
Why not just simply tell her " I Love You".
So remember always be true;
Because she'll be there for you,
Everyday let her know how much you care;
Then you'll have someone, with your life to share.

After reading the poem above, I cried for awhile and as I thought about my life these words just started coming to me. I'm not much of a poet, but I hope that it might reach someone like the poem above did for me.

A beautiful poem was given to me
by a very dear friend that made me see,
That I was not the one to blame
and I should not hang my head in shame.
The part that really makes me mad
is that I married someone just like my dad,
They think that violence is the way
to solve a problem when they've had a bad day.
I thought I would always have to hide
the pain I've felt and the tears I've cried,
I buried my dreams of going to school
and now I realize I was such a fool.
A friend helped me see that this was not right
and was there beside me as I searched for the light,
I saw how hard it was, as I tried to get out
At times I wanted to give up, but then I'd Shout
"I'm getting older and wiser in life
I'm not tolerating any more trouble and strife,
I won't look behind or live with more sorrow
I'm looking ahead to my bright new tomorrow!"

by Nancy L. Townsend

This is dedicated to anyone that has ever been abused.

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