I have some very special friends,
I'd like to share with you,
I wish that you could meet my friends,
and know them like I do.

Their tender hearts are big,
And their arms are open wide,
to shield us and protect us,
from what ever waits outside.

They love all the little children,
and would change the world for them,
but sometimes their hearts are heavy,
for they don't know where to begin.

My friends can only do so much,
sometimes they're discouraged too,
do we give them all the encouragement
and the respect that they are due?

My friends try to right all wrongs,
wearing their uniforms with pride,
but remember they don't make the laws,
sometimes their hands are tied.

Let's get behind my special friends,
and back them all the way,
because these special friends of mine,
may save your life someday.

If you need my special friends,
they're there because they're true,
my special friends care enough,
they would give their lives for you.

So when you see these officers,
treat them as a trusted friend,
you'll never have a friend as loyal,
as these great women and men!!!!

by Connie McKee

Dedicated to all the Law Enforcement Officers at the Anniston Police Department.
Thank you for doing all that you can to make Anniston a safe place for us to live.
I know at times you may get discouraged and think about giving up. Just know that you DO make a difference out there.

May God Watch Over You And Keep You Safe From Harm As You Continue Your Fight Against Crime!!!!

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