The Man Behind the Star

It takes a special kind of man
to wear a star and gun,
To devote his life entirely to fight
the battles that must be won.
So often he's not appreciated
for the job he has sworn to do,
But he'd gladly lay down his life
because he wears that star for you.
Some seem to think
that he really has it made,
That all he does is ride around
for the salary that he's paid.
But every time trouble appears
he's the first one that they call,
it's only then they realize
that he's special after all.
There's a man behind that star
and he has feelings just like you,
So seldom does he get praise
for all the things he has to do.
If you ever stop and think
of what he faces day and night,
You'd respect what he stands for
and learn to treat him right.
There is a man behind that star
and he's not made of steel,
and the things we see on the news
to him are very real.
He has a family of his own
he can laugh and he can cry,
Each day he puts on that star
could be his day to die.
He chose to uphold the law
a decision made from his heart,
To protect us with his life
and give each child a better start.
Try always to remember
there's a man behind the star,
and he'll be the first to help you
no matter who you are.
You should say a prayer each night
and thank God that he's there,
When you see him on the streets
you should show him that you care.
Without the sacrifice he makes
we'd always live in fear,
He should be commended
for wearing the star he holds so dear.
He's never turned his back on you
he's faced danger close and far,
All Americans should salute
the man behind the star.

by Traci Rutherford

This is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine. He's a Deputy Sheriff for Monroe County, New York. He's the first person I met when I got on the internet back in '98. We've shared many laughs and shed many tears. I just want to say Thank You for your friendship and the joy that you bring to my life.I pray that God will keep you safe and watch over your family.

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