I had this friend you see,
who loved God, Country, You and me.
My friend worked day or night, the peace to keep,
so you and I could go to sleep.
He worked the holidays and weekends,
away from family and friends.
Each day this friend put his life on the line
to spare yours and mine.
Then one day he paid the price,
he had to give his life.
"You've done well my friend,
patrolling these earthly streets.
Now it's time to walk on Heaven's beat."
The next time you see a Police Officer or two,
remember they are one of God's Angels in Blue.

***And God said; "Blessed are the Peace Makers."

By Lieutenant Stanley Hascher
(Department Unknown)

*The Real Audio That's Playing Is "Angels Among Us" By Alabama

The next time you see an Officer, Please get to know him or her. Always remember that they ARE human just like you and me. But the one thing that separates them from us is that they will give up their life, if they have to, Just to save OURS. In my eyes that classifies them as"Angels In Blue"
Nancy Lynn

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