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A poem only for you.


My love grows stronger
each and everyday,
A love I'm learning to show
in so many different ways.
I took you for granted,
for all those years,
It must have been awful
and brought you many tears.
How could I not realized love
is more than just saying "Hi",
As I look at you, I see you differently,
I now know why!!
Your beautiful green eyes
are always such aglow,
They make me want you
from deep inside my soul.
Your long, beautiful, brunette hair,
Falling down your shoulders just makes me stare...
Your sweet voice,
like a sparrow in a tree,
Your soft, gentle touch,
when you're touching me.
A sweet, sexy, young lady, that you are,
How could I have pushed you away so far???
When my eyes meet yours,
my heart begins to pound,
As our lips softly touch
I start to spin,around and around.
As our bodies get closer
the feeling is so great,
And what I'm longing for
I begin to anticipate.
Making love to you
is the only thing on my mind,
Because making love to you
is always so very fine!!!
As we hold each other oh so tight,
We fall asleep hugging and kissing each other,
A pleasant "GOODNIGHT".......