In my spare time you can ALWAYS
find me at "Fantasy Castle Chat"
enjoyin' the company of my friends in the Jacuzzi,
or as I call it "The Crazy Cuzzi" ... hehehe There's so many wonderful people I've met there, Bi Girl, goldilocks, Leggs, Daone4u, Femfatal, Lord Scarr, Lady Scarr, Sir@Mischief, Aggrivane, moonlight, SilkSox, Buster Bunny, Bella, Sensual, King Viper, Storm Angel, Pink String Bikini, TS, Ocean Gypsy, Emerald Dawn, Amethyst Gem, Lancer, MidKnightWof, darkeyes, Sunflower, flutter, Cowboy, al_kamir, Rose Wine, d@msel, Flirt, Mina, Redheadedmeg, Old Hippie, Keith, Alisha, Figment, The Ultimate White Knight, Jacqline, Milady, Green Eyed Lady, Lady Louisa, Lady Maxie, Master of Reality, Carburner, Barnabas Collins, italian stud, WetWhisper, an Critter....I hope I didn't leave anyone out!!!! *LOL* Drop by an' see us if ya get a chance, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, it's a purty cool place to hang out!!! Dixie / Nancy ....
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